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Make your spirituality into

a magical practice that unlocks your gifts and talents

creating a life you love.

Are you tired of doing "the work" and never quite arriving at peace, joy and empowerment? Are you shifting into a better you and want to create magical practices that flow from the core of you straight into this mundane world?

Stop making your practice and add-on and start creating a powerful life.

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Check out what others are saying...

"The wonderful and insightful readings April has done for me have brought me great clarity and healing. 
And I continue to take part in her amazing classes for my continued journey into expansion!"


"I have been working with April for several months over zoom. I have revisited the recordings and find more layers in what we have discussed and progress in the areas we focused on. It’s incredible to see the application and growth from our meetings. 

Thank you April."

-Ashlee Jowlett

Your spiritual practice should be born out of who you are and a love of living your unique magic.

The answers are found in your daily life. In Magic in the Mundane you will discover how to pinpoint what your soul needs and cultivate a daily practice that merges your life and the spiritual. This helps you grow and develop your higher self in the here and now, creating a power-filled authentic life expression.

Let's do this!

If I had had these tools 5,  10 or 20 years ago, I'd be such a different person!

You know how they say, "What would you tell your younger self?"  

For years I tried to plug in spiritual practices that were supposed to bring me peace, happiness and flow...

....But I always felt like I was trying so hard.  Where was the peace?  When would I get to enjoy being ME?  

Over the years I dove into one practice after another, always finding aspects I liked or even loved, but there never seemed to be a flow between my spiritual and mundane life that felt natural or authentic.

Finally I just got so tired of never arriving at a relaxed state of being that I threw my hands up and cried out to the YOUniverse, "Do something!"

It's then that I discovered a secret.  I stopped trying and started loving and living my life from a fresh perspective.  Gradually, as I unlearned constantly TRYING all the time an integrated practice emerged that felt freeing and that illusive ring I was always grabbing for lost its appeal.

I've finally discovered how much fun it can be to walk my evolving spiritual path and how natural MY MAGIC truly is!

Magic in the Mundane is for you if...

  • If you are looking to incorporate your magical/spiritual practice into your day with ease.
  • Your goal is to develop your talents and release your higher Self.
  • You are an empath who struggles to be connected and stay recharged.
  • If you are looking to raise your vibration in a way that does not make your ascent a grind!
  • If you have tried many spiritual practices, but can't seem to find one that fits your lifestyle or the season of life you are in.
  • If you are looking to fine-tune your spiritual practices.
  • If you are busy and need practices that aren't extras in your life.
  • If you have entered a phase where you are shifting in life and want to make the transition a fun exploration of self through discovering new magic that is born out of the new you.
  • If you are tired of TRYING all the time and want to enjoy your life more.
  • If you are ready to accept that being spiritual can be more natural than you have been making it.
  • If you want to find ways to have your spiritual practice bring out and develop your natural talents and innate abilities.

Finding Magic in the Mundane is NOT for you if...

  • If you want a discipline to put on rather then a practice that comes from the heart.
  • You want a pill to fix it all and don't want to do some honest exploration about yourself.
  • If you believe suffering is the only way to unlock your spiritual self.

Magic in the Mundane is a practical, accessible approach to making your spirituality into your magical daily life.

This course/pathworking shows you how to lovingly address your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental bodies, as well as your environment, through the lens of 4 key practices: 

  • Cleansing 
  • Activating your authentic self
  • Balancing your energy
  • Nurturing and cherishing your life and your Self

Each module gives practical ideas for engaging with daily life to make what you do sacred.  You will find ways to see the magic all around you and your wisdom within.

This is not a wrote practice, but rather an adaptable template for engaging with yourself as a divine being in order to release flow, peace and joy in your life while honing your gifts and talents.

You will learn about 4 incredible archetypes that you can call on in order to step into the power you need to navigate different obstacles and opportunities throughout your day.

The program is released to you over a 7 week period  Take as much time as you like to enjoy the:

  • 7 Modules delivered instantly 
  • 32 videos
  • 4 meditations
  • 12+ Printable PDFs 
  • Journaling prompts
  • Printable embellishments for your journal
  • A plethora of action steps to experiment and play with


Crescent Moon


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  • 32 Videos
  • 4+ meditations
  • Printable PDF Study Guides 
  • Printable Journal embellishments




Full Moon


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  • 32 Videos
  • 4+ meditations
  • Printable PDF Study Guides
  • Printable Journal embellishments
  • 20 Minute Personal Phone Tarot Consultation

If I had had these tools 5 years ago, I'd be such a different person!

You know how they say, "What would you tell your younger self?"