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Using Marigolds in Magic

herbalism manifestation marigolds protection magic psychic power spell work unlocking self Oct 23, 2021
Marigold Magical Uses

Marigolds are used in many magic spells and have significance in several cultures. They are a symbol of the Sun and divine light. This time of year is a great time to get out there and harvest some marigolds before the frost takes them away. Having them around can add cheer and magic in the darker months.

Magical Uses of Marigold:

  • Use to dispel negative energies with the power of the Sun
  • Marigold strengthens psychic powers
  • Use in herbal talismans to boost their power
  • Great for manifestation magic
  • Place beneath your bed or in a dream pillow to dispel nightmares and promote psychic dreams
  • Use in legal spells for favorable decisions
  • Carry with you for good luck
  • I love using these in money spells
  • Use in baths to boost psychic power and ward off negativity

Ruling Planet: Sun

Gender: Masculine

Astrological sign: Leo

Element: Fire

Marigold Significance Around the World:

For Dio de los muertos family put marigolds on the graves of loved ones who have passed to the other side to lure their souls back to the land of the living with the marigold's bright colors and association to the light of the sun. Garlands are hung above doorways to ward off the evil eye.

In Indian Culture marigolds represent the sun and positive energy. They are also associated with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, who are considered an ideal couple in Hindu mythology. For this reason you often see them at weddings.

Marigolds were sacred in Aztec and Mayan culture. They would use them to honor the gods and spirits. Because of their link to psychic powers the priests would often bath in a marigold infusion before calling on the spirits. 

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