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Re-enter the world with The Hermit card and a little magic

learn tarot the hermit unlocking self Sep 09, 2021
The Hermit for personal understanding

The Hermit in the Tarot

The Hermit is the 9th card of the Major Arcana.  9s in the Tarot signify lessons we learn on our own.  They tend to be deep and life changing when embraced.

His journey is one of solitude.  The Hermit removes himself from the busyness of life to cultivate the inner world.  This is done so that the distractions of this world will not take his mind and spirit away from the deeper teachings.  

These teachings lead The Hermit to understand his true gifts and power.

In order for The Hermit to truly master who he is, he must decide to go back into the world.  After all, what good is personal power if you never use it?  And power isn't strong or refined unless it is exercised.

After you go through a time of being away it is important to make the decision to re-enter the world. In order to really embody your power you will need to get strong in it by incorporating what you have learned into your real life!

You can use The Hermit card to remind you of your power in this realm.  

If you are needing to get out of yourself and find your way back to an integrated life after a big change, "download or spiritual experience try these magical ideas for using the Hermit card:

  • Take The Hermit card out of your deck and place it where you can see it, like next to your bed, in your car or on a prominent altar.
  • As you start your day gaze at the card.  Notice the lantern he carries, this is the light you have been given.
  • As you go through your day remember to shine that light on what you are doing.  Take that knowledge you just gained and turn it into wisdom by applying it.
  • If you feel ruffled think of your favorite guru/teacher and the power of calm that they carry because of the wisdom they hold.  Now draw on your own wisdom to bring you peace.
  • You can write a letter to yourself as The Hermit for a little pep-talk if you are a writer.
  • Thank yourself for your time "away" to gain this knowledge and thank The Hermit (wise one) you are for helping you walk your path in this world wisely.

Let me know down below what you think of the Hermit?  Is there a time in your life when this was a common card you drew?  Are you re-emerging after a big shift?

You got this!


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