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happiness making magic overcoming burnout unlocking self Sep 24, 2021

Want to know a BIG way you can boost your happiness level in your life?

This is beyond easy and anyone can be successful with this. There are two sets of magic words that can transform your life if you say them several times a day at the right moments.  Curious?

Simple: Please and thank you.  YES! These magic words really work.

Wake up with please and thank you everyday:

A little gratitude (thank you)  before you get out of bed and a quick prayer for for the day (please) can set your day on a path that dazzles. Please and thank you all day and before bed.

Why? Because it grounds you in the now and shifts your mind to the power of abundance. 

Please brings you in touch with humility, which fosters a child's mindset.  This opens you to wonder and opens you to a life of synchronicity.

Thank you takes you to gratitude.  This kindles joy and when you activate joy in your life it turns up the sparkle.  Isn't sparkle a good thing?

A magical multidimensional life comes from an open mind, grounded in the now, ready to BE all the joy, wonder and abundance of the YOUniverse.

So if you want a life that's sweet, flavor your day with please and thank you!

Let me know down below something you are grateful for today...

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