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Libra New Moon: Transforming Magically

Sep 29, 2021

The Libra New Moon, like all new moons, is a chance to cozy up with a sign and create something from its superpowers.  This Libra new moon offers love of self through acceptance and transformative recognition.

Venus in Scorpio

The goddess of Love and Beauty has been travelling through the depth of Scorpio for the last few weeks when this new moon arrives.  You may have noticed that you have been facing some fears about yourself. It's time to accept some parts of yourself that maybe you thought were impossible to reconcile and to reconcile and love yourself more.  This is a brilliant opportunity for you to UP your worthiness quotient! (and this is the final push as Venus leaves Scorpio about the time you see that magical new moon sliver in the sky!)


Mars Exact with the Sun and Moon

The go power of Mars cozies up with the Sun and Moon in Libra letting you know that NOW is go time. Is it that project you've been thinking of, that dream that has been waiting to launch or that thing you've been wanting to take to the next level?  Because this is Libra, and it's Mars doing the initiating, you could start something new out of a repulsion from a dynamic in your life (like, I'm so done) or simply from a sense of collaboration with YOUniversal and Earthly forces. Whatever your reason, if you decide to make that move you may find that this energizes the month of October for you, bringing focus, flow and purpose that will be a welcome friend during Fall.

Mercury Rx in Libra

Mercury is traveling back over some territory in your life at the new moon. This helps bring conversations and problem solving to the table in whatever area 20 degrees of Libra is at in your birth chart.  Check that out because there could be real potential for seeing things in a new way and bringing fresh energy and messages to an area that is needing some love.

Saturn and Jupiter Rx party with Libra

The God of Karma (Saturn) and the playboy of expansion (Jupiter) are sending furtive glances at Libra during this new moon.  Look at the ways you feel as though your communication and connection are expanding on an interpersonal level as well as a collective level.  This could help you plug into that new project lift off in a way that has real sustainability.

The Momentum of October

There is real momentum in October.  October energy wants to grab ahold of something in your life and pick up speed.  Here's the thing: You get to be conscious about that, or not. 

I can't stress enough that this can be an incredible and productive month for you where the momentum of life carries you into incredible personal power.  This requires real focus and clarity.  It's up to you to keep yourself grounded and focused on higher energies so that THOSE are what have real speed in your life.  

If you anchor yourself in your emerging power and magic on this moon, opening yourself to the balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine synergy within, you will birth an upgrade that carries you through the coming astrological storms.  This birthing can be as simple as a commitment to live from a higher vibe or it can be as complex as a new life.  Decide on the New moon what you will commit to, write it down and remind yourself daily for true transformation.

If you want to stop trying so hard in life and find a way to really enjoy your power and living from it, check out my course Magic in the Mundane.  It's on sale for October HERE.


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