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Full Moon Tarot Ritual Spread

full moon full moon ritual full moon ritual spread full moon tarot spread tarot spread Sep 15, 2021

 Happy Full Moon in Pisces September 20, 2021

There's nothing like a little full moon ritual to bring greater meaning and balance to your life.  If you are a Tarot reader then you can dive deep in Tarot and do a full moon Tarot ritual spread. Get your printable of this spread Here

You can watch the video of this spread, or keep reading...

 You may choose to do this reading with a question in mind. Make sure the question is in line with what the energies of the full moon you are in. For Example: the Pisces full moon is about completions and balancing the order of self and the dream of self.  Pisces and Virgo.

Start by cleansing your deck and your bedroom. Find out what the full moon astrological aspects are (for instance full moon in Pisces opposes sun in Virgo). Pull out the corresponding Tarot cards for those astrological signs. If you would like a printable of the Tarot astrological correspondence for your journal, click HERE. 

Place the corresponding cards in moonlight by your bed the night of the full moon. Have your journal and pen next to the bed. When you wake, write down any messages from the night.

The day after the full moon do the above reading. (shuffle the deck without the astrological cards you removed).

Be sure to read the left side with your astrological significator (moon) in mind. So the left side cards are seen as being overshadowed by the energy of your moon card.

Read the right with the astrological significator in mind (Sun). The right side cards are seen as being overshadowed by the energy of your sun card.

Let me know down below if you do anything special for you Full Moons?

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