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Full Moon in Aries: Finding Your Internal Compass Again

ascension energy update full moon full moon astrology shadowwork spiral up Oct 18, 2021
Full Moon in Aries October Energy Update

The full moon in Aries brings you back into yourself feeling balanced.  The kind of clarity that arrives opens you wide and places your personal compass in your hand.

Let's face it, the energy this month has been incredibly intense.

We are headed out of Mercury Rx in Libra on the 17th, just days before the Full Moon in Aries. The revealings during this retrograde about fears, entrapments and relationship frailties has been enough to make the most adept at energetic upgrades and personal growth grip the steering wheel with white knuckles

The full moon on October 20, 2021 brings these energies to a head.  A lot of the information you have gathered within comes to light and...

Sun and Moon T-Square Pluto

If it hasn't been enough Pluto comes on the scene in the days leading up to the full moon.  He shakes you and looks deep into the questioning fears of your heart.  He's not pulling any punches, because, well, he's Pluto and that is just how he does his job! 

The good news is that these final rumblings can be very liberating if you face down those fears. When you realize that without understanding WHY and WHERE you are hiding from your empowered self, you cannot step up and live in those areas.

More info to take into the light of the Full Moon in Aries!

 Aries faces Libra

Starting way back at the Libra New moon we all began to march past several planets having conversations about our connection to others, ourselves and the world at large.  Some of these conversations left us reeling!  Maybe you discovered some hidden desires?  Did you examine the give and take in some relationships?  Did the rosy-colored glasses come off and suddenly you find that things need to change? Let me know down below...

All of this information has been building like a huge energy ball within us, waiting for retrograde to pass so we can get on to the business of doing something with all this energy we have gathered.

When the Sun (conscious) and Moon (unconscious) face off expect there to be light to clarify.  The edges get a little crisper in the brilliance of the full moon.

Libra lovingly supports the desire to serve lovingly and Aries let's you understand your needs in all of this.  When the two mingle amongst the information about your revealed frailties and fears regarding intimacy (into-me-you-see), wow!

Aries comes on strong and invigorates an expansive sense of self.  The junk that came up these last months is not the end, but the beginning of freedom; a deep, resonant calling to who you really yearn to be.  That yearning comes from your link to HIgherSelf and the wonder of an infinite you, expressed as loving integrated manifestation.

Questions for this Full Moon Frolic

What am I afraid to release right now?

If I let that (person, job, part of myself) go, what part of myself will I be left to take responsibility for?

If I see my fears/insecurities as an invitation to empowerment, how does that create a new template for interacting with myself, my relationships and the world around me?

In what ways am I out of balance between how I serve others and nurture mySelf?

In what ways am I IN balance between how I serve others and nurture mySelf?

In what ways do I feel bravery rising?

What does that bravery say about my healing right now?

How can I slooow down in order to get filled?

How am I ready to move into action in my life with myself and others?

Am I ready to stop blaming others, circumstance or lack for my choices not to show up?

Final Thoughts on Full Moon Activations

You have dome such an amazing job listening to the messages from Mercury during this retrograde cycle. 

Ok, the blinders have come off in some areas of your relationships.  Maybe you have put yourself on the back burner, hidden your true self out of fear or noticed where you have allowed others to take more than they give... because that was easier than risking expressing or even acknowledging your own needs. The list goes on...

Playing small doesn't feel good anymore.

Simply put your energy has increased and what is emerging is a bigger you!  We all spiral up in our ascension and this Full Moon in Aries makes clear that you ARE capable of being that bigger you.

Are you ready shine? Your internal compass really knows the way!


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