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6 Oracle and Tarot Decks for Intuitive Reading

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6 decks for intuitive tarot card reading

Whether you are new or a seasoned Tarot and Oracle card reader, these 6 decks will help you read the cards intuitively.  All of these decks are jam packed with imagery and symbols that will have you out of your natural mind and reading intuitively in a flash.

You can watch a video of the cards with some tips HERE, or keep reading....

The purpose of reading cards intuitively is to get your mind out of the way and really pull answers from your subconscious:

#1 The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

This Tarot deck will take your mind to other spaces.  The colors are bright, but soothing and the images dreamy.  As a seasoned Tarot reader I find that I can gain whole new insights by suspending what I thin I know and allowing the card to speak.  This deck is truly stunning!  You won't be disappointed.


#2 The Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson

Filled with TONS of hermetic symbols from the Golden Dawn Society, Godfry Dowson's Hermetic Tarot is for those of you who wish to open yourself to a different era.  These ancient symbols mixed with traditional Rider-Waite symbolism will have your mind reaching. This is a black and white deck and each card is crammed with visual cues for intuitive reading. Buy the deck HERE.


 #3 Enchanted Förhäxa Tarot

I am in love with the Förhäxa Tarot.  This is a wonderfully liminal deck that will sweep you away.  This deck stirs me deeply and I find myself reaching for this deck when I want to stir the magic within me.  This is a privately produced deck by M.J. Cullinane.  You can see my full flip-through of this deck here with details on purchasing it.

#4 Wisdom of the Oracle 

 This was one of the first oracle decks I ever really dove into.  It's also the first deck I gave to our youngest daughter.  The images are so otherworldly that you natural mind has to get out of the way.  The artwork is colorful and perplexing at times.  This is a fabulous deck for beginners. I've given this as a gift 3 times!

 #5 Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild

 These cards are amazing.  This is my favorite deck by Alana Fairchild.  The artwork in these cards is so dynamic.  You can get lost in the cards and no matter how many times you draw the same card, something fresh comes through.  I am certified in Alan Fairchild's Soul Mentoring and so I am very familiar with her decks.  I can't recommend this one enough to those who are looking to do intuitive reflection.


 #6 Hidden Realms Oracle

 For a dreamy and soft intuitive Experience the Hidden Reals Oracle will transport you.  Perfect for Starseeds, Lightworkers or those wishing to feel their cosmic side, this oracle is truly utopian.  There is something about this oracle deck that just sooths with its incredible gardens and light beings.  Perfect for intuitive reading when a softer touch is needed.

Watch my short review and flip through of each here with tips for reading intuitively.


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